Crossley Simmons and Tora Estep


Tora Estep
Inspiration piece

Crossley Simmons

“Fondo Blanco”

Across Broad

narrowed in the skyline

is the sidewalk we met.

A cobbled market sitting and I thought you saw my eyes.

Shut in abandoned bricks

dreaded with tourists’ pennies

I couldn’t stop.

Buttoning up lies, the street is lost and hidden in the glue dripping down your face.

Wipe high the windows

neither asked nor driven

sniffing funds to fund sniffing.

I wanted to hold your hand around the bottle

reading the textbooks afforded American,

de los Estados Unidos, and wrap into your

smog coated lungs.


No gracias, Señor/senior/senator/some lo siento/


Christo stood still

forgetting leaves

and went back.