Isabella Nazari and
Georgia Ludwig VanDerwater

Isabella Nazari

By Georgia Ludwig VanDerwater
Inspiration piece

I caught a glimpse of a gnome in the pansies

Just a glimpse but I saw it quite clear.

He appeared to be weeding the garden

and had a pencil behind his small ear.

His cheeks were quite red.

His belly was round.

He talked on his cell phone

and sat on the ground.

“I swear I saw it. A human, I think.

It was in the garden. I gave it a wink.

Then I ran off for fright of the cat

(Believe me, I’ve had some problems with that.)”

My mother will tell me, “What nonsense, pure folly.

That’s like saying you’ve been on Pluto, by golly.”

I ponder this, a tulip in my hand

Are humans so rare in the gnomes’ hidden land?


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  1. Posted September 9, 2013 at 7:23 am | #

    Adorable! Love the children’s story aspect of this piece.