Lisa Kilhefner and Marla Deschenes

Lisa Kilhefner


Sandy Hook

by Marla Deschenes

Inspiration Piece

Did you hear their heartbeats stop?
The day that the universe decided
To end the innocence
That veil that is only lifted for a few of us
All of a sudden ripped
From the nation’s eyes.

We have evil here
But it is not in the video games
Or the tv shows
Or the movies where we pretend
That we could be that badass
We could end life without remorse
For the Robin Hood notions
Or maybe just for
The pleasure.
Where the black and white
Of good and evil
Is a visible line to cross
And we have evil here
Kept neatly contained behind that line
Behind that lie
That no one would ever really shoot children.



So many never have the time
For the kids who don’t turn out “perfect”
Until one of them explodes.



It was as though I felt their heartbeats stop
The day the universe decided
That my heart needed to be broken
For such a senseless loss of life
A moment that will never be forgotten
Memories that should be served with good
Now that we are all no longer blind
Now that we are no longer innocent
As a whole.


  1. Posted September 7, 2013 at 7:44 pm | #

    Wow! Both pieces are so very moving, well done!

  2. Posted September 8, 2013 at 10:20 am | #

    I am honored that this is the image that you made from my words. Beautiful and moving.