Caroline Harrison and Elizabeth Wexler


Caroline Harrison
 Watercolor and ink on paper

Heart Pieces
By Elizabeth Wexler

Inspiration piece

Thump-thump, thump thump
I feel my heart beating
Sometimes it speeds up…
Other times, I have to put my hand to my chest
To make sure it’s still there
Still beating

I wonder
How it’s still pumping
When it is in so many pieces?
Not simply broken in two
But shattered

I mean…I know.
I know the important part is still there
That it can’t be broken.
It’s not breakable.
My head knows that
But part of that brokenness
The shatter
Must be the part that connects my heart to my head.
Because all my heart feels is the jagged edges.
They don’t make a solid path up to my brain
My head says: they will again. Trust.
But all the pieces make that noise
Like when a package containing something very fragile drops
The fragile thing breaks
And when you shake the box, even slightly
All you hear is glass pieces and shards shaking around.
Uh-oh, you think.
You know what was once whole is no longer.

My head knows it will all heal
But when I move, even slightly
All I can feel the pieces of my shattered heart.



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