Elizabeth Wexler and Caroline Harrison

Caroline Harrison
Inspiration piece

Waiting For Spring
By Elizabeth Wexler


I walked by the blooms
Inhaling the sweet nectar of spring
It had been a long, cold winter.
We knew that under that ground
Seeds and bulbs were safely sleeping
Patiently waiting for the right time
More patient than us up here.
But until the white buds opened up into white blooms
We all kind of held our breath…

I walk by a tree that has some of the blooms on hanging vines
I walk by and admire the soft petals
Drink in the fresh smell
And keep walking.
Then I stop. I close my eyes for a minute, trying to recreate what I just saw in my mind.
Then I backed up, and looked over my right shoulder, to the tree again.
That’s what I thought.
Jumper cables. (jumper cables?)
It looked as if either someone had thrown them up and over the high branch, and couldn’t get them down.
Or maybe they fell onto the tree.
Jumper cables from heaven?
I could use some of those right now.
There are a few “dead” things I’d like to jump-start.
Like the blooms, I will be patient.
I will wait until I know it’s the right time to shoot up through the earth.
If some jumper cables were sent to me from above
I would clamp them on and fire up the engine.
Until then, I’ll wait.
Underground. Where I am supposed to be, until I’m supposed to be somewhere else.



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