Sukia and Jules Rolfe


Following the Ground Ivy
Jules Rolfe

Inspiration piece

She’s taken over our backyard
Like we’ve grown into our souls
running under the foundation of the grass
until She binds so tightly to the thatch
She strangles the green growth above it

She has moments of beauty in the spring
Her purple blooms almost as enchanting
as summer’s clovers and sunflowers
I follow Her
Two three, four, five, six, seven feet
through the grass’s underbelly
thinking about whatever there is to think

She’ll listen as long as I follow
Prying up her double pronged anchors
I just follow and marvel at the pattern
She weaves and tangles through my fingers
The hours lose themselves
in this tag of thought and listen

She almost never shows me her roots
My fingers covered in slugs’ passage
My nails caked in dirt
I don’t stop until the snot flies from my nose,
Until I’ve thought all there is to think

The ground ivy comes back—
Her personal invitation to listen
through the nameless
Until She tells me there is no such thing.

She’s wound Her way to patience
Under the surface of the perfect green grass

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