Amy Souza and Aimee Fullman

Aimee Fullman
Inspiration piece

By Amy Souza

Rain pushes the river beyond its edge. Too much. It’s too much. Everything is too much. You slog through knee-high water, like doing aerobics at a local pool. One minute ago it was seven; now it’s nine-forty-five. Neighbors glide by on boats, splash past surfing stilts. We’ve run out of coffee, and you keep forgetting to shop. Last night, the new Safeway opened, better than Whole Foods. Lines to get in, lines to get out. Those hungry on the street out of luck. You wait for the wet to recede back to manageable. Space to think. To walk without fear of rising tides. But we’ve run out of coffee, and the rain won’t stop.


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  1. Posted December 7, 2014 at 6:08 pm | #

    we’ve run out of coffee and the rain won’t stop — perfect! setting for this photograph.