Anthony Valade and Nick Winkworth

The Collector
Nick Winkworth
Inspiration piece

Anthony Valade


Sure man, I’ll let you taste a sip of disaster.
But hell no, it’s just my opinion you’re after.
I could twist the curves once caught up and then magnify a slot out –
Just right before I’d say “If it’s that damaged, give it up now.”

Hope is just a slogan made to keep from being morbid.
Even calls and shots taken in account could keep away yesterday’s misfortune.

Confident that I’m right;
I want treasure –
“Give a half-shirt.”

Keep lending all that’s mine;
It’s still a laugh –
“That’s all you have? Sure.”

Tend to keep in mind;
“I’m not a villain, just a master.”
“But a master with no plan keeps selling everything for scrap dirt.”

Can’t drink enough of what your after,
Want to sing along but I’ll learn the practice when I’m louder,
You could be me with a for sale sign around your neck.
I’ll look the other way if our eyes ever met.

Keep applying pressure –
Cause these wounds keep getting better –
Cause I keep a case ash urns in the room beside the cellar –
Just a bit more and I’ll be there –
And no one will ever wear –
This last suit, I’ll keep it because I’m the only one that cared.

Don’t let the town go on
I’m just a piece
“Let’s split it.”
“I’m me.”
“You’re cheap.”
“You see these razors sticking out of my cheeks.”


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