Lisa Pimental and Julia Rolfe


Lisa Pimental


This Wild and Precious Life
By Julia Rolfe
Inspiration piece

Make messes and beauty

Feel 100 percent human

Begin again and again

End as many times or more

Nestle in the belly of trees to listen for the water pouring down the rocks

Catch the acorns falling from the trees

Collect feathers

Pan the bay for sharks who lived millions of years ago

Hold those teeth in your hands

and swim across the oceans older than we could ever dream to be

Marvel at the heavy-headed sunflower until the rain breaks its stalk

Mourn the loss of its beauty and

Leave the seeds for the ants and the worms

and watch how many seedlings appear in its place

Celebrate the bees resting in the dew under the sunflower’s umbrella

Grow back into the babe

who knew no difference between

breath, heart,

love, & death


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