Nick Winkworth and Anthony Valade

Promised Land
Nick Winkworth

From Nowhere (Comfort Zone)
Anthony Valade

Inspiration piece

Silence at its fullest,
Keep it quiet, drag us through it.

Wish I was calm as well as crooked,
So far it’s fingertips out the window all the way to the park.

Excuse me, can I take a photo?
Excuse my right to tear up hearts.
Location’s nothing but a “who knows when.”
When the gun fires into the yard.

Got a reason to killing, standing right behind your ass.
This pistol is loaded with a handful of glass.

From Nowhere – Call me weird.
From Nowhere – Call me weird.

They say you’re going to regret it.
Sandbox diggers in a promise land.

There’s just one thing to do though,
Drink the water – eat a hole right through your hand.



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