Traci Robison and Jules Rolfe

Traci Robison

Into Dusk

Digital collage



Night’s Soul

By Jules Rolfe

Inspiration piece


The geese call themselves present

lifting my gaze upward

and holding my body still

before I can see their bodies outlined

in the cloud-lit sky

A lone wingspread set apart

from the V of the others

as the last of the sun

drops off the edge of the earth

I follow the loaner until she fades

over the hidden horizon

bringing Winter’s first night soul


I breathe the night soul’s first breath,

the clouds like intimacy of a smoke

passed through the kiss of a lover–

warm, private, forbidden


Sure feet stay firm on careless leaf litter

idly lit by the nightlights

of the late-come-homers and the untrusting

I relax my eyes wide

to sigh with the shine of the light

across water standing high

to hide the near nakedness of the trees


How I hunger for

the inky blackness of a prairie night

the magic dust of stars,

and the promise of Aurora B

were I a bit further north

The chill calls me home to the wind

whistling winter’s dry prairie grasses


A branch crooked like lightening

prints a thunderstorm negative

across the dim lit night

I wonder when this Nebraska wind

will flatten the forest to the ground

And open up to the soul of night


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