KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Lisa Kilhefner

Lisa Kilhefner
Inspiration piece

Marked Distress and Impairment
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Lice, Tineola bisselliella, clothing moths, Expoterygota, cockroaches,

All scheme at corners and strange angles, frightening small children,
Terrifying their grandmas.

If not phobias, than other somaticized responses, to the iconic stuff of darkness,
Invite daytime havoc, play host to disturbed dreams, evoke shadowy hauntings,
Create the worse disquiets.

Bestial manners, that hurting, hunting, slaying of chasteness in life’s early chapters,
Brings those torments, those remembered fiends, those fierce childhood monsters,
That restored defenselessness.

Growing up’s no peripeteia; age can’t issue safe wisdoms, can’t transform extant evils.
Persistent horrors, even faded, underground ones disproportionate to present dangers,
Accept no militating forces, yield to no well-being
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