Lisa Pimental and Kamika Cooper

Lisa Pimental
Acrylic on wood

Can’t Say Love
Kamika Cooper

Can’t say that another has ever made me feel this way
I float on hopes and dreams of her like she is cool blue water
safely depositing me ashore, never quite quenching my thirst because
I am always wanting more and more of her, though not all of her
simply the makings of her and I

Can say that she has made me feel wind-swayed
like strong trees with beautiful leaves succumbing to her as she
exhales, exhales, exhales her essence causing them to swirl with joy
her laughter soothes me and my anxieties abate
just her presence moves me but I

Can’t say that she can feel the same way, in fact, to her
I can be the rock without the roll and a warm heart when others are cold,
but never the one she’ll be loving while she’s growing old

Can’t say that my heart can discern what my head has learned
about this unspoken love, this silenced love, this non-reciprocal love,
this can’t say love

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