Channie Greenberg and Marilyn Ackerman

“Hela” paper collage by Marilyn Ackerman.
Inspiration piece for poem by Channie Greenberg

By © KJ Hannah Greenberg

Hela has birds for brains.
Penguins, really. They sit
Upon her noggin, squawk
At cats, devour raw fishes.

Except when her niece,
Estelle, makes origami
From the Sunday news,
Last week’s edition.

So much folding,
Fussing, bustling,
Creasing, pleating,
Corrugating culls

Auntie’s response, her tears
Over: obituaries, women’s
Pages listing besties’ divorces,
Babies born to everyone else.

No drink of fashion fades,
Does erase pain. Exclusion
Persists like a proud avenue,
She parades across leftovers


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