Kamika Cooper and Erika Schnatz

Cat Burglar
Erika Schnatz
Line Art
Inspiration Piece

We Saw You Coming
Kamika Cooper

we saw you coming quickly

stepping lively with all those ill begotten riches
stolen gold, rubies, time, minds, and souls
you walked like they were bags of feathers that just
glided down to you from the generous sky
falling off your slippery fingers and never hitting the ground once

twice, we saw you coming in the broad daylight

moving and shaking through the world without concern
with stealth acquisition though you never appeared to be
the type to move that way, lacking some piece of swagger
and the tailored suits typical to others in your profession
we laughed at your preference for cats as accomplices

fuzzy distractions of purring lies that we thought untrue, so
we were unprepared, but we saw you coming

you were one step ahead of your own game
we were three steps behind and at least one to the right
you looked like a fool but we forgot: the fool is always lucky,
stepping lively with all those ill begotten riches
we saw you coming, but you saw us first

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