Sophia Carter-Peters and
Cynthia Nazari

Cynthia Nazari
Inspiration piece

The Cat’s Meow
By Sophia Carter-Peters


“Order Up!!”

Janice yells, her groovy-shoed feet never resting as she whizzes back and forth along the chrome bar. She never thought her Cat Cafe would do so well!

Customers line up from all over the city for her burgers and shakes.

She brushes a few sesame seeds off her stylish black and white dress, before moving back onto the floor. A shake here, a burger there, “Two Fries, Please!!…”

It never ends, the flurry of her restaurant. Oh, how she loves it.

At the end of a long day, after the Friday Dance Floor Special, she smiles, and says to herself, “Janice. You are one lucky cat!”



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