Dante Jericho and Meg Max

Dante Jericho
“Windows and Wings (Gifts from the Emptiness)”

Horoscope for the Empty
By Meg Max
Inspiration piece

You’ll feel a tug from the stars, a feeling that a plug is being pulled, an emptiness behind your belly button telling you that each little thing you have is not enough.

Your socks won’t feel right on your feet, and don’t even bother buying new ones. They’ll just feel weird, too. Your hair won’t sit right on your head. It’ll be flat one day, staticky the next, and no matter how hard you brush or comb or how much hairspray you use, you’ll still walk by your neighbors and wish your hair looked like theirs.

Your roses won’t bloom large enough, the middle of your daisies won’t be yellow enough, the leaves on the ground in front of your house won’t be red enough, crispy enough, and they won’t rake themselves, so don’t even bother wishing there was someone around to do it for you.

Back to that bellybutton.

You’ll feel an emptiness behind it. You may mistake it for hunger, but you can eat all the steaks and apples and chocolate you want but that’s not it. That isn’t what that blank space inside you wants.

The planets have spoken and you will feel empty, no matter what you eat.

Keep trying to fill yourself up.

Eventually the tides will change and the moons will shift and the planets will align and one day you’ll stop longing.

One day you’ll get what you want.

But don’t bother trying to figure out what that is.

Even the stars can’t guide you.

Even we don’t know.


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