Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Wendy Schneider

Wendy Schneider
Inspiration piece

Water Wonder
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Neck arching back and arms reaching for imagined rafters
Into the miracle of shower after long day
And nipples saluting the warm air spinning
Around as shampoo rinse slides down the back
Caressing the bod in
Warm sweet restful streams
Life is good
mind is beaching in the tropics
nose is savoring the sweet smell of coconut
Legs massaged by the runoff of soapy brook like rivulets refreshed
and the night looming ahead
after silk slips easily onto these limbs so ready for dance
and sips of champagne
hugs of friends
and rhythms carrying hips and joints to foreign spots
The water sings and the night awaits
Full of perfume and promise.



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