Wendy Schneider and
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Wendy Schneider

Holiday Memories
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece

Cold pricks the nose and ears
Cloudy skies and unwelcoming winds swirl
As we rush, thinking of others
Old friends present and absent
Time to give the small present
The material bird flying from the heart
Overflowing with warm wishes.
Another year is blinking its eyelashes
Flashing its headlights
To alert us to love and say those things
Hidden in the heart so close to vest
Where pocket watches tick away
The end of another year.
And holidays provide time to refresh
To review and give thanks
And let sparkling trees, green wreaths, menorah and dreidel, ringing melodies
Comfort us; travel us to past and present,
Love us into warmth
Ready for the next, the to come, the not yet here
Of new challenges and quiet smiles.


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