Amy Rogers Nazarov
and Tora Estep

Tora Estep
Inspiration piece

By Amy Rogers Nazarov

Down the midway we flew
As if tossed by an unseen hand
We tallied our coins, then spun and stretched and tossed and pulled
The balls through hoops, the sticks over barrels

Our raucous pleasure soaked
In grease from sugar-dusted funnel cakes
Under a penny moon you kissed me
Friends turned away as strangers gaped

Coaster cars clanged into
Barkers’ threat-laced promises
The screams and the laughter of thousands
Underpinned the soundtrack of our flashing neon love

When sunup came, paper napkins skittered by
Rust-flecked Ferris wheel cars swayed, bereft of riders
In the hush I searched my palm for a trace of you
And found one battered dime


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