Amanda Meyer and Kathleen Jordan

Amanda Meyer

Memorial Day in France
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Inspiration piece

The time was spring
The day was fresh
The railroad clicked and clucked
The bag was filled with wine and cheese
The baguette and napkins tucked
The Vineyards and the olive groves
The Baudelaire in hand
The visits to the gravesites done
The special parade, the band
All over now as the easy part
Remained to enjoy the tour
To ease the memories, the sound of taps
The military band, the tales endure
So many countrymen buried here
And in European corners north and south
Dreaming below an earth renewed
So different these days from the river mouth
No longer destroyed by war and peril
But seemingly new and green and bright
Memory clicked through the slides of the vineyard
The wine cork popped in the vineyard’s light.


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  1. Posted September 18, 2016 at 3:32 pm | #

    Good work, both of you!