Leslie Grollman and Jan Irene Miller

Jan Irene Miller
Freedom’s Lure”
Inspiration piece

three dreams (a work-in-progress)
by Leslie Grollman


i          tonight’s dream

you are standing in an empty space.

a little boy gives you a lollypop.
he has two and likes to share.
(the wrapper says chocolate.
it smells like bubble gum).
you unwrap it. it is a globe. it shows movies
of moments in times, in worlds.


the little boy tells you:

when you put the lollypop in your mouth,
you will go to the world and time your tongue touches first.
a wormhole will take you there.
you will stay in this place until the lollypop is finished.


the worlds are shown in a chaos, a
bouncing around eons and
weathers. they change so fast. you have
no control over which one you land in.

you open your mouth. your tongue
meets the chocolate globe. it smells
like a sharpey.

you wake up.

where did I go?


ii             tomorrow night’s dream


you are standing in a blank slate.

a little boy gives you a lollypop.
he has two and likes to share.
it looks like chocolate.
you unwrap it. it is a globe. it shows you movies
of moments in worlds, in a chaos of
weathers and eons, of sunsets and birthings
of stars. the movies move so fast.


the little boy tells you:

the first world to meet your tongue  
will be destroyed. you must lick the lollypop,
you must, or all worlds will be destroyed.


you watch the worlds as your palms drip from the
responsibility. your sweat smells like bubble gum.
you place the lollypop closer to your mouth.
you extend your tongue onto it. it is gooey and porous.

you feel a pop, like a pop-rock candy.

you are surprised into waking up.

what world is missing?
did I know it was there?
do I care?


iii        the day-after-tomorrow night’s dream


you are standing on a blank page.

a little boy offers you a lollypop.
he has two. he likes to share.
he extends the chocolate one to you.
you go for the one from his other hand instead.
it looks like vanilla. he smiles. you look at the lollypop.
it looks like a normal lollypop. you feel relieved. you put it in
your mouth and suck on it. it smells like bubble gum
and tastes like chocolate.


you wake up.

you are standing, blank, holding two lollypops.

a boy approaches……


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  1. Posted September 10, 2016 at 9:24 am | #

    SO charming! Humor. Intrigue. DREAMY!

    Perhaps I’ll take a nap: perchance to dream!