Amy Souza and David Mendes

Amy Souza
Mixed water media

Comity’s Parting
By David Mendes
Inspiration piece

Here am I, full of heart,
Supine and muscles stretched
Against what cushioned earthen bank
Was carved beside the deep and wondrous pool
Of our former refuge and solace.

From this humble ledge our eyes together once fixed
Upon destiny’s fine looking glass,
And off our tongues, in arms together,
Cascaded the velvet comforting words
Of Old World friendship.

In that long ago moment the sun arced, reflecting our faces on a silver mirror,
And the smiles and laughter of insoluble union
Seemed to fix us, bond us outside of history,
Painting an eternal fraternal portrait,
With the long and teasing brush of Athens’ high noon.

But in the long afternoon of our parting,
The waters muddled, silver distilled into inky gray and blue,
Mists percolated from unseen mires,
The gas of a mercurial cloud suffocated our airs,
Until this face only graced the view of stirring waters.


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