Elizabeth Eby and Angela Rimbey

Elizabeth Eby

Angela Rimbey
Inspiration piece

powerful touch magnified
when I look into your eyes
and see that we are just the same
and that love flows back and
between us
a circle
a sweet web
of energy
that cannot be disrupted

when so much passion is triggered and pulses between my eyes and your eyes and
your hands and my heart and that small simple space between our toes that meet
in the middle of the night as we sleep and snuggle and fit together
because there is nowhere else
for us to go

and I look into your eyes
and know that this is love
and that the energy will build and build
as it does when you make love
or when you taste something sweet
or when you write and write and run because you just cant stop
and so much of what’s inside of you just wants to keep growing and growing until it finds a way to bust out and explore and explode all the places that it feels called
so that it can share with life this simple fact
this simple easy truth
that love is truly all that we need

deep within our bellies
that knowingness that we are loved
that our words have value
that our touch has magnified this life
that the light that shines in the stars and through our eyes is a reflection of the work and growth and challenge that each and every one of us has been through
this is love
this is life and this
is a moment
a rare moment
when it all fits
and when I squeeze you even tighter
my powerful touch becomes magnified


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