KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Nancy Ramsey

Nancy Ramsey
Inspiration piece

Accused of Lèse-Majesté when Writing
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

When accused of lèse-majesté, of distributing rough verdicts, of galvanizing rebels,
Our princess endorsed, to the royal court, assorted notions appraising hidden riffles.
Staunchly, she espoused print’s role as society’s paramount vehicle, even though
Electronics yelp for drilling regoliths, utilizing supercooled water, shirking taxes.
Reportedly, that woman’s physiognomy was set opposite publishing’s latencies, against
Innocents’ utterances, which indicated ethnic beliefs, or matched “balderdash” to “tosh.”
Similarly, she hewn the Internet’s self-deconstructing ways, including its circulating of
Detritus, cultural saboteurs, inveigling charmers, and busboys possessed of copyrights.

That sovereign, who proved pinging oafs to be reynards, comprehended that arrhythmic,
Inept semantic herders of printed materials, of author headshots, of long mabe strands,
Were baldly implicating the commercializing of: cellular systems, dismal living spaces,
Pretend hedgehogs, plus dub-stepping contrabasses saxes harmonizing with theremnists.
Altogether, that ascendant attributed dolorous sentiments to key sycophantic major-domos.
In turn, her frolicking in traffic won her enemies’ courtesy. In overlooking their diddling
With private bits, she removed her liability. Comparably, in waiting out chirpsing politicos,
She deterred their pursuit of Boy Scout promises, while escaping their odd emoluments.

Witnesses claim that our noblewoman demanded gear unctions as well as basset sensibilities;
That her words employed rhetorical devices, self-opinion, friable facts, many colorful bursts;
That she wedged oboe players into hinterlands, dropped ancient user interfaces, adopted
Shetland Ponies, eschewed competitors’ recoveries, tossed cutmen’s fungible plasters.
Per se, that ruler’s “almost lemans;” her nemeses, countered with daft manuscript dates,
With liberating incarcerated histories, crackerjack bomb experts, boy toys, moldy dinosaurs.
They grasped how her appassionato diction, relationship folly, explosively brilliant designs,
Would produce: misemployed enmity, blundering, sour tummies, dire acts of literary treason.



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