Jennifer Fendya and Sandy Coleman

Sandy Coleman
Inspiration piece

Trance Music
By Jennifer Fendya


I hold negative space in high

regard…totally, he sighed as

he felt the thrumming pull him

away from their constellation,

his voice elongated and finely

crystalline, like sugar spun into

swirled bouffants of pale sound

cloud, wispy and collapsible

on the tongue.


She perceived it? immersed her

self in it? was engulfed? No.

Floating eyes closed in the starbed

there was no differentiation of her

self from any thing. Only excitation,

only resonance. In the deep of

darkness, there literally is no

thing to see, so how could any

thing be the matter??


But open your eyes oh! and then

so many decisions to be made

continuously: here a particle,

there a wave, an am and am not,

like cats and dogs, like apples and

oranges; too many ruptures

and rifts recycled, breaches and

sectionings rebirthed one

generation to the next and

the next and…


Can’t a body at rest just remain

at rest? she breathed into the electro-

luminescence. Are there no laws

to prevent all the unnecessary

interference? Aren’t there municipal

ordinances against random noise?

Why can’t we just hang together in

this awesome Great Silence?


From his vantage point she was

a centripetal force constraining

him to this circular arrangement,

ad infinitum. Within their invisibly-

tethered dance, repercussions

lit up the cosmos, morphing and

snaking into sex and pulsating moral

outrage into heartfulness.


Eyelids fluttering closed again

like the delicate wings of Monarchs,

she surfed the milky waves

— light beaming, sound streaming —

the tribes and precincts she’d

inhabited dematerialized. In this

incorporate state, at least, they

were virtually free.


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  1. Posted March 6, 2017 at 5:35 pm | #

    Wow, such a beautiful pairing of image and color and words, two fully realized visions. And — trivia answer — I have partnered with both Jennifer, and, maybe 5 years ago, Sandy.