Diane Mayr and Eleanor Marie Lattner

Diane Mayr
“What I Know”


“The Silent Valley”
By Eleanor Marie Lattner

Inspiration piece

The Silent Valley

There is a cavalry from afar;
I can hear their haunted hooves
when they search the moon-drenched slope
for men who have fled fields of dust
and now cower by the corn
that tomorrow I will gather in my skirts
beneath the starkness of sun
and feed to the weary men
who dare not rise
for what only I can hear.

A shadow opens its wings
over the senile old hills
and then flies away with my heart in its mouth.
As I taste blood on my own lips,
my pulse flees across blankets of wheat
that tomorrow I will place on the hearth
in the comfort of heat,
before the cold of my heart
returns with its own victory.

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