Sylvie Dakota Huhn
and Kamika Cooper

Sylvie Dakota Huhn

Freed from the Jar
By Kamika Cooper
Inspiration piece

You found a new home

with a little night life, like in those 70s disco songs

full of the wild life in those earthy jungle songs

yeah, we have come to miss you while you are gone

but run free, always be free, free spirit

You found a new zone

among people who are the sole survivors

people who never forget their beloved soul survivors

and you, free spirit, are destined to be a great reviver

so go run free, you are so free, free spirit

You found a new tone

a faster cadence to your rich-voiced way of speaking

deeper meaning in the mother tongue you’re now speaking

we understand the understandings you are seeking

so run free, gurl… you stay free, free spirit


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