Gena Stutzman and Sue Gleason

Sue Gleason
Inspiration piece

The Crocus Is A Time Keeper
By Gena Stutzman

the crocus is a time keeper
at the start subtle, unpretentious
new beginnings usually are
her roots maneuver passed the empire of the blind mole
and the earthworm’s tunnels
as new, spring branches cradle the sun
the warmth graces moss and seeds, wings and fur
the crocus petals open
wild and purple
no chiming clocks are needed
daffodils and fragrant sweet pea are next
a tree hollow puts out a welcome mat
becomes a guest house once again
the sun is bright
the air is warm at last
a field mouse nibbles on wild strawberries
the guest house is full

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  1. Posted September 20, 2017 at 9:16 am | #

    Sue, your art and,Gena, your poetry are incredibly beautiful and blow me away! I will savor them frequently. Thank you both so much for sharing your inspiring creations with me. I feel very blessed.

    I thank God for both of your and for SPARK!
    Jeanie Beal