Seth Leamer and Marla Deschenes

Seth Leamer 
Time Squirrel  – Watercolor – 12″ x 16″


Marla Deschenes
Inspiration Piece

Turn the clocks back in the fall
And ponder how I am always
Chasing time
Elusive in its grip on all the moments in my life
I wish to contain with fleeting grasp
And always remember.
The sky is full of pink as the sun sets on this day.
I watch my dog’s rhythmic gait
As his nails click against the asphalt
Strewn with leaves.
The passing of time seems most obvious
As the trees go into winter sleep.
The squirrels run frantically through the suburban yards
Burying their hidden treasures.
Squirrels never worry about turning back the clocks
Or how it will be dark
Before dinner can grace the table.
Turn back the clocks
And hold fast to every moment –
Even those that begin in the sunshine
And move slowly
Into the softest dark.


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  1. Posted September 11, 2017 at 11:11 pm | #

    Marla, so much longing in this. And the image is a wonderful response.