Worthy Evans and Kirsten Brady

Kirsten Brady
Charcoal, 18″x24″
Inspiration piece

By Worthy Evans

Kid called artistic
picks up a pencil
drags circles
over newsprint
circles circles
circles until
paper tore
and brought kid
to another paper
and another and
another no until

no stop going
forever on while
train moves
station to station
each stop a start
dropping off
picking up
walking off
getting on
in movement
the pause
what kind
of doings
must I continue
to have to pay
bread and milk
to have to pay
water bill until
there’s money
down the drain
over the buckle
of cross tracks
and circles drawn
and drawn and
drawn one paper
tears away
to another
one pencil breaks
a hand picks up
another continues

conductor comes
punches holes
in paper and
moves paper
to paper
cut circles
cut circles
to torn tracks
of pencil
and moving on
to stop and goes
never until each
circle drawn
until comes



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