Kathleen Finn Jordan and Linda Sorrells – Smith

Linda Sorrells-Smith

Inspiration Piece

Vision of Honeyed White

Kathleen Finn Jordan


Velvet svelte and curve of wing

A petal large and soft of view

A center deep and dark and honeyed

A vision of earth from flower grew

The need to touch and feel the flower

Is stifled since that touch might harm

Though in the days of wine and roses

Significance lies in the power of charm

The ancients asked in the sense of love

The difference in picking or leaving the bloom

The generous soul leaves the flower for others

The selfish cut it to flavor a room

But there is no watering like the waters from heaven

That grace the bed of the petals sleek tone

And the lover of nature treads softly and wisely

And honors the life/death into each flower sewn.


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