Kamika Cooper and Amy Moffitt

Whereever You Go There You Are
by Amy Moffitt
music and digital photography
Inspiration piece


Here I Am
by Kamika Cooper

here i am but it’s time to go

long before my welcome has worn out
i have packed my bag and made a plan
i don’t have to question the getaway
mine is a calculated departure
beginning in the mind echoed in the heart
and carried by legs and feet
all moving in unison to a new destination

here i am though it’s time to grow

don’t misunderstand me or my way
i may opt to move far from you
but i will never move away from self
you have seen me persevere because
acceptance is the foundation for survival
the notion of giving up is a facade
there is power and strength in moving on letting go

i am here despite the things i know

staying too long leads to complacency
the challenges of this journey are endless
and it is not always easy to rise to them
but trying to control things i cannot change
threaten to drain and deplete me slowly
there’s always a chance to get it right another way
that’s why i never hesitate when it’s time to go

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