Lisa Kilhefner and Sharon Murphy

Sharon Murphy
Inspiration piece

The Flourish
Lisa Kilhefner

You’re getting lost in her again, her lush
and ruby layers, sensual perfume
revealing more than you had sought. A blush
is coming through your skin, as now this room
is hot with summer sun.

There’s honeysuckle hanging in between
the day and evening glow, the small bouquets
in peaceful sway, so absolute, so clean.
You’re captivated as the blooms, ablaze
in gold, have just begun.


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  1. Posted June 4, 2018 at 8:29 am | #

    Interesting and beautiful poem in response to this collage. My eye was drawn to the Keep and Give cards, with the myriad of mandala-like images of the inspiration piece. After reading the poem, I refocused on the colors and shape, and it blossomed even more. Well done!