Lo Bloustein and
Marla Deschenes

Lo Bloustein

Poem 4
By Marla Deschenes
Inspiration piece

As a woman about to bring child into this world,
Every night, I am haunted.
As the day’s news flashes across the screen
In a world so seemingly full of hate and violence,
I question my decision to make a whole new life
Who will inherit so much evil
And be forced to learn to survive
In this world, devoid of trust and goodness.
I worry every moment
That he is nestled in my womb
Worry that he is growing and changing
In the healthiest of ways.
What will happen when I must relinquish him
To that place called school
Where children bring in weapons
And have no grasp of the precious thing called life?
What have we done to our children?
And will I do it, too
Not knowing
That my efforts to desensitize him from pain
Made him nothing but unfeeling and cold?
There has to be a better way
Than teaching our children fear and violence
To never to be able to flourish and grow
Instead always on the defensive.
I want to raise my son to love
To see the good I try to see in others
To never be afraid
And to never believe that the world
That flashes nightly across TV screens
Is the only reality
That exists.

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