Ipek Davaz and Leslie Grollman

Ipek Davaz

Leslie Grollman
Inspiration piece

I was given life
on a loom from the smoke
of the ocean from the smoke
of the seeds. I give you desert-blue
stones wrapped in blacked silver
covered in sonnets that would speak
to a god as if bound by a name. The way
a name is tradition. The way mine has meaning
in six languages. Did they mean for me to live out
transgression when they blessed me with Lina’s so she
would be remembered. Her name: a bond. Like string.
Like string, bonds warp. What is the half-life of a coupling,
un-imagined. How long will it take for me to be un-remembered
by the living while I am still here. You and I breathe
each other’s names for now like waves
wrapping us in strings
of madness.

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