Brigitte Nowers and Amy Souza

Brigitte Nowers

Faith Poem
By Amy Souza
Inspiration piece

Between resistance and faith lies the bulk of human existence. I don’t trust anyone who spends all their time on one side of that see-saw, never pushing off to see what’s above them. Never switching sides. Remember the cool metal handle between your legs, holding on for fear of catapulting into space and landing with a thud? Broken bones.

None of us knows, really. That’s what the faithful lord over the rest. Lack of knowledge intensifies conviction. Without faith, they say, how sad a life.

In catechism we learned the body got Adam and Eve ejected from the garden. Desire the work of the devil. We should not want. I felt lured in by the children’s Bible, with its illustrations and stories. All I’ve ever worshipped. But I asked too many questions the teacher wouldn’t answer.

At home when I complained to my mother, she said: Go play outside.


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  1. Posted March 16, 2020 at 1:51 pm | #

    Lovely piece and thought provoking; art and writing.