Jenny Forrester and Jane Hulstrunk

Jane Hulstrunk
Inspiration piece

Jenny Forrester

You should’ve seen me when I first bloomed. All the colors and the strength against the storm. I had it all.

And then time did as times does.

I regret nothing, though, the way I am now.

I’m not on display but still have so much to give, all that ultimate nurturing.

When you walk by, nose in the air, I smile, remembering the battles of wills, the way we banged heads in wind, wanting the sun and its people to see us but not wanting to be picked for their vases, claiming wildness and believing we were. You, with your nose, in the air, I know what you’re going to go through, and I wish you’d listen about it and move us flowers to some next level.

But it’s all just this. This cycling, this browning, this turning to other forms.

Do you see me? How I’m becoming a bird?

In the next wind, I’m going to soar.


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