Tisha Carter and Kate Gilronan

Tisha Carter
“leaving 7 suns of cypress”
Mixed media


Dickman Bold
By Kate Gilronan
Inspiration piece

We join our valiant hero kilovairs in the outer ring as he dauntlessly pursues galactic renegades. Dickman Bold, courageous conqueror of the cosmos, hastens through the asteroid field, closing in on his prey. Just as things look up for Bold, he is struck from his flank by a hurdling chunk of space refuge. Dickman Bold’s spacecraft plummets towards the lethal, jagged surface of space rock. Is this the end of Dickman Bold, galactic guru?

Firing up his retro-rockets, Bold’s spacecraft slows its lethal voyage. Conquering his mutinous controls Dickman rights the craft into its previous position. Drats! The outlaw scum have eluded Dickman Bold. But this is of little concern to our fearless fighter, for he knows that while evil-doers exist, they will always be pursued by the overwhelming forces of good and squashed like the proverbial insect.

About-facing his crumpling craft, Bold directs his route back to the earthly order from which he came. Once at the marshal space station on the third moon, Bold cold docks his impaired spacecraft. Expeditious repairs are pending, for the cosmic connoisseur’s next virtuous enterprise is in pursuit of the terrible Uckman Goo.

A lunar communication has called for Bold’s boundless bravery.

Dickman Bold, Help! The future of life as we know it lies in your hands! The villainous Uckman Goo has horrendously captured the entire Solar Committee and taken them to his evil-Mecca, planet Quaregon. Goo’s intentions are to use gelatal-goo cloning to replicate the committee with un-human goo and have his copied cronies elect him chancellor of the Solar Committee. This power would make Uckman Goo unstoppable! Dickman Bold, Space Marshal extraordinaire, the world is in your hands! Go forth, bold one, and good luck!

Putting aside the caustic conclusion of this crusade, Dickman Bold grabs his pember ray and makes for his spiffy spacecraft. Bold’s desperate gambit: to fearlessly fly undetected under Uckman Goo’s lunar radar and land just micromers outside of Goo’s fortress.  Plan set, our valiant hero blasts off for Uckman’s unknown. Once into deep space, Bold hits hyper-speed to hasten his journey.

The marble-size planet Quaregon is now visible, and Bold slows his enclosure.  The heroic hero careens through Quaregon’s rock rings swerving left, right, up, and down. The amazing Bold pilots around each pebbly projectile, through the rings and deep into the napalmic alien atmosphere. Oh no! A fiery flash of fatality-flare slices through the blackness before bold. Our hero is under attack… what now?! Is this the end?!  Stay tuned to see what happens to Dickman Bold, space Spartan of the universe!

Continuing where we last left off, our sporting spaceman was bearing down on the unkind Uckman Goo’s planet Quaregon and suddenly came under attack. Now we join Bold in a time of apprehension…

Each deadly death-beam threatens the safety of our hero. Taking fultrons from his rocket power and adding it to the diminishing shields, Bold adds security to his endangered vessel. With much grace and guts Bold is able to touch down on the toxic planet but lands too close to Uckman Goo’s sinful stronghold. This means Goo’s cohorts will be onto to Bold in no time flat. Adjusting his pember ray gun to molecularize, Dickman Bold, vegan vegetarian, leaves his trusty spacecraft and treks onwards with his mighty mission.

Upon the hour, Bold reaches the fortification and with immense caution continues on.  Our noble champion lurks in the shadows tuning in on each cry for help and proceeds towards the dark innards of the Goo’s dwelling. Suddenly, a slippery sentry spots Bolds! No fear, however, strikes through Dickman Bolds brave body; with lightening speed Bold removes his crushing cannon: “Eat potent pember death slime-ball!” Zap! The once formidable foe now lies as an oozing putrid puddle steaming with regret. Pushing onwards with a pursuing pace Dickman Bold, Martian madman, reaches Uckman Goo’s chamber door.

Entering with care, Bold is greeted by the undulating Uckman Goo.  “Bold, we’ve been expecting you.  Won’t you join us and watch as I take over the universe?”

“Goo you’re dreadful days are numbered.  Release the Solar Committee and I’ll proceed punishing you with greater mercy!”  Our hero, flying through the air, fires a blast at the gangrenous Goo. But no! The shot is ineffective; striking goo squarely on the thorax the shot has passed directly through the globular mess. Drats! A headshot must be the lethal load. Taking aim once more from behind close cover Dickman Bold launches another lethal lash, but Goo, surprisingly, is too quick. Dodging Bold’s audacious attempt, Goo slithers his slimy self to a control center and begins to lower the captive Solar Committee into a vat of venomous green goo.

Time is running out, Bold must save the committee. Relinquishing his hiding, Bold bolts forward and takes a stoic swing at Uckman, followed by another blow to the fatty flank. Each strike is moot; Bold’s fierce fists merely sink deeper and deeper into the globular Goo. Just as things look hopeless for our noble space-knight, Goo makes his mistake. As Bold beats away at Goo’s blubbery body, Goo is forced backwards towards the toxic tank of gelatal-goo behind. With one last blast, Uckman Goo flutters over the edge and into the heinous heap below. Uckman Goo lets out a deafening cry and then gradually gives way to death’s icy fingers.

Dickman Bold stopped the Solar Committee’s deadly deploy and frees them from their restraints. Behind the steady lead of our commanding conqueror, the Solar Committee is lead to safety and rendezvous with a transport for the liberated legislatures. Once more Dickman Bold, lunar legend, has saved the universe. Blasting off in his reliable rocket ship, Bold races away leaving the seven setting suns of Cyprus behind him.


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