Kathleen Finn Jordan and Jonathan Ottke

Sun and Flower

Jonathan Ottke


Earthy Lapis

Kathleen Finn Jordan


The seeds sleep
Closeted in cold, damp soil
Recovering strength sapped by red-hot days
Of summer sun snorting their fragrance, licking their petals
Shrinking and sanctioning their flowery beauty
Pushing them to withered end
They sleep—winter cold, fresh, deep washed
in teeming rains and snows
Until a warming wiggles them free and slowly
Their green slim arms reaching
They begin spring dancing, growing,
smothering their coughing, sneezing
And blowing out renewed flowers, haughty and headstrong
Faces colorful and swaying into summer
The music of their brush toned petals
stroking the air,
bowing in the wind
Gracing the universe.

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