Susan B and Kamika Cooper

Susan B
digital photography


You Did
By Kamika Cooper
Inspiration piece

thank you

for all the things you taught me
for all the smiles you brought me
stopping to say hello even though
didn’t feel like speaking at all that day
but you did

for getting those systems back up quickly
for fixing those end dates swiftly
staying up late to meet tight item deadlines
thinking all the time you would never make it
though you always did

thank you

for cadillac benefits in spades and bunches
for all those bagels and surprise lunches
making all of those hard decisions
while executing innovation and vision
yes you did

for entertaining my cache and cookie reminders
for being awesome seekers and fact finders
smiling right through those information lines when
you weren’t always met with smiles in kind
you always certainly did

for all you have done i am infinitely grateful
for all that you are i am forever thankful
for all you will become amid change remain faithful

i wish you every good and beautiful thing

and i always did

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