Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Marilyn Ackerman

Marilyn Ackerman
“Covid Cat”
Inspiration piece

Covid Cat
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Covid Cat – copiously churlish
The haunting harmonies of the chanting birds and rustling trees
Usually his music of the day, usually the only silence breakers around
Are no longer present.
His home has been invaded. Everyone is home.
His usual superior social distancing is no longer possible.
Screens blare; his boxes are upended by humans exercising,
Incoming calls from several phones splinter the rooms.
The night time also is no longer his
His midnight stealthy investigations no longer clear routes
Covid Cat is not pleased
Outside the constant rain and wind cloud his special sunspot
Where his curled quiet repose pleases him.
Covid longs for a galloping sparseness…
For all to leave.
For what was to be again.
For all to be soaking in their own sounds
Moving in their outside-the-home spaces
For his social distancing once more to be restored.



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