Amy Moffitt and Lisa Pimental

Lisa Pimental
Inspiration piece

Why You Should Drift
By Amy Moffitt


The lemon-yellow butterfly

has fluttered by and gently

returned and

dipped its head deep

into the morning glory blossom

again, and again.



The bird on the porch rail

has the clearest, most

insistent song, it

came from nowhere

quick and bright, and

it sang to your heart

before you saw it.



The breeze is tracing

a blessing across your forehead,

up your arms,

conspiring with sweat

to embrace and refresh you.


Taste – while you still can

the blackberry on your tongue,

its satisfying heft

giving way to a

baptism of new wine.


Smell (can you?)

the rain in the air, remember refreshment and

the gift of green leaves,

the sight of running streams,

fat and alive.


Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

No one was ready for this.

Ride the waves as they come…

You must drift to survive.


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