Jenny Forrester and Betty Nichols

Betty Nichols
Inspiration piece

I Am Six Souls
By Jenny Forrester

I’m paper to your tree, grass to your leaves, monster to your color, lines and curves and blue. I’m shelf to your mantle and candle and stone. I’m layers, you see? That’s one of me.

Another soul is my mass. I’m large, pink, and watery, and some of the same layered things from my first soul, but sometimes I’m just this. Large. Pink. Watery.

Third Soul is the middle, gregarious Soul. I’m moonlight night and toads and hidden fox. I’m night though. The third night thing. I’m mostly that.

My fourth soul is a small girl getting pushed aside, wishing for more joyful joy but you won’t let me have that. You’re a shamer, some liar, some lord. I’m a fighting child soul. Fierce favorite soul four.

Soul five. More shadow for fierce girl soul. Also my favorite. Like four.

My sixth soul is offset. I do this for survival. I shift so you can’t put me in your box or take me out. You can’t reach me. I love my sixth soul. I love because of my sixth soul.


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