Amy Souza and
Kathleen Finn Jordan

Amy Souza
“Trail Closed”

Covidian Dreams
By Kathleen Finn Jordan
Inspiration piece

As the isolation and distancing young tree like grows
……and burgeons spitting flowers of solitary time into lysoled air
The music filling the house brings back places and friends
Moments on this planet from freer days
Cafes, Jazz clubs, mountain hikes, and ski chalets
Oceans, lakes, live concerts, and waterfalls of laughs unmasked
Spilling into little dances with remembered partners
These days present frightening choices: dreams or nightmares
As loved ones pass alone and far away
Covidian dreams, saxophonic breezes,and small dances in the kitchen
Zooming with likeminded others halts the silences for the briefest of moments
Yet it is just not quite, not quite, not quite real….
And what of you?
What do you choose?
To wither and weep or to drown in the richness.



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