Jennifer Fendya
and Jenny Forrester

Jennifer Fendya

Jenny Forrester
Inspiration piece

A millennial/gen-y cuspy ecology graduate who should know better, wipes off the baby goats with towels. The mother goat in the video sniffs the towels, licks them, doesn’t get to lick her baby clean, doesn’t get the nutrients…I cry and cry, consider telling the millennial/gen-y cuspy ecology graduate with land and goats and a house that I’ll probably never have, a piece of advise…but she’d probably just get pissed off and rage-vague-post and then tell all her friends and they’ll call me Boomer and cancel me. And the mother is so hungry, needs the nourishment, her licking will warm the baby, but the millennial/gen-y cuspy ecology graduate who should know better posts cute baby goat pics and gets a lot of likes. I envision the mother, so hungry, needing to birth two more kids after that first toweled-off kid, having to load up on the feed given her, missing out, the baby goat missing out, the next kids missing out. Because the millennial/gen-y cuspy ecology graduate…should know better but doesn’t.


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