Diane Mayr and Cristal Brawley

Cristal Brawley
Inspiration piece

Stability Not Stabile-ity
By Diane Mayr


“The aesthetic value of these objects cannot be arrived at by reasoning. Familiarization is necessary.” — Alexander Calder

It looked to be
something created
as an art project–
an homage to
Alexander Calder.

A stabile chair
if you must have
a name for it–
metallic, colorful,

But, there it sat
on the sidewalk,
next to the trash,
awaiting the Friday
morning pick-up.

In need of a chair
that’ll wrap around
me in comfort, I knew
familiarization is
more than aesthetics.

The city garbage
truck pulled up. It’s
efficient crew jumped
off and put an end to
any and all reasoning.


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