Anne Kressly
and Jennifer Fendya

Anne Kressly

Friends of the Earth
By Jennifer Fendya
Inspiration piece

If I said “there’s a story about a man, a woman and an island,”
you’d instantly take those discrete elements and
fill in the blanks, connect the dots, join them in
some idiosyncratic but meaningful way
that has a beginning, a middle and an end. After all,
you were well-schooled, and,
Everybody jumps to conclusions.

You might write a love story
and that would be true, but perhaps not
the formulaic kind that “sells”
— this is no dime store romance novel
and there may be no happily ever after.

You might craft an adventure,
and that would be true too, because the man
and woman, together, are standing on a precipice,
about to take a leap of faith. Will they sink or swim,
or soar? They’ll share the same fate, ultimately,
but what of their individual trajectories?

If I told you the man and woman are dioscuri, born
light years apart but with only three degrees of separation,
could you catch the sound of their thundering hooves
or glimpse the pillars of their torii forever
shrouded in mist as you walk toward the shoreline?


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