Jonathan Ottke and Lisa Kilhefner

Jonathan Ottke

Unlearn Me
By Lisa Kilhefner

Inspiration piece

Unlearn me,
please un-know me,
unsee this world
through my swollen eyes.
Unlearn the way you have to detach,
Un-run with me.
I’m un-knowable as her,
as drought-stricken soil,
as wandering feet.
I run.
I’d stay but I can’t see past my brow.
Watercolor flowers fill my memory
and fade in an instant;
promise unfulfilled,
promise of a static mind.

Unlearn my eyes, my ghost, my smolder.
Un-know this hurting hand
and skin and hair that falls
across my frown.

Unleash a seed to grow
and shine a light.
The promise is renewed.

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