Tora Estep and Darice M. Jones

Tora Estep
Oil on canvas

Destined to Prevail:
A short story about earthlings, sometime around now
By Darice M. Jones
Inspiration piece

Bica sat at the shore of the water between continents, and began to reflect, as the tide rolled in and back out like a big, swelling, complete breath. She thought about how just an hour ago she had healed her brother, just by touching him and envisioning his wellness. It was happening. The change was really happening. She started to write in her journal about all she had witnessed so far.

We blundered. We let them hypnotize us with everything from small slights of hand that obscured the real trick, to big bombs that destroyed thousands upon thousands of lives – human, river, stream, earth, birds, trees, plant medicine, ocean life. Damn near everything. They used their echo machines to blast the message of their power – and our lack thereof – from any speaker that could put out sound.

We participated in their worldview as much as we fought it, and that was the biggest blunder of all. We struggled to hold a singular vision of a better world. We had forgotten the world before genocides, before vast wealth built on kidnapping and torture and violently free labor. There was a world before.

We had forgotten even the grass under our feet, the air that filled our lungs, the water that made up the bulk of our bodies. In the way an ailing elder might be able to see that a person is standing in front of them, but not recognize that person to be the one that loves and cares for them. We hadn’t forgotten without a fight, but within one. The self-proclaimed power brokers of the world had devised and passed down such broad but elusive means of conditioning the masses that we could hardly catch our breath, let alone stay in touch with our center. Nowadays,

We cheered for money when anyone we loved or felt connected to got access to a lot of it.

                           We quietly slow clapped for acts of valor and integrity.

We listened to people with money, as if having it instantly endowed wisdom.

                           We often failed to hear our own inner knowing.

We knew the names of celebrities, their spouses, and even their kids.

                           We often didn’t know the names and stories of our own ancestors, who fought for life.

We let them normalize the big beautiful house that sits next to hungry people, unhoused people, and ill people – as though there is nothing to be done.                         

                          We often refused responsibility for our communities, our species, and the earth itself.

But, even with all of these mistakes we’d made, even with our struggle to find and stay true to life, even with our conflicted thinking about our responsibility to ourselves, to each other, and to the earth that sustains us – a global community of life-centered optimists is reclaiming the narrative. They’re out hear retraining themselves and every open-minded who has even an inkling of hope. They’re embodying the bold stance that things can be transformed to the benefit of every living thing. The key to their success so far – they have a plausible vision for a better expression of life on earth. And, they’re more passionate than even the so-called power brokers who got our world into this depressing state of affairs through generations of fear-based “progress.”

In the coming world, people will no longer have to choose between living a comfortable life, and living a life of integrity. People worldwide will no longer be subject to resource extraction and the intense poverty that it produces. People will not have to worship money, status, beauty, popularity, and the quest to be better than their neighbors. People will no longer have to judge, belittle, and tell themselves stories about the character of people who experience poverty in order to justify their own unearned access to resources. Because in the coming world, the transition will be as irresistible as being truly loved.

The intense souls who are leading this global visioning and actualizing effort know with a deep certainty that tapping into the vibration of life itself eclipses the hypnotic pull of superiority complexes, overindulgences, and stolen resources providing luxurious but vapid lifestyles on stolen land. And they’re moving forward unafraid, because they know that in quantum terms, a higher vibration produces more favorable results.

As the dream of the folks whose fear & loathing lead humanity to this complex, conflicted mess dissolves – a new elevated vibe is emerging – and its unrelenting beauty is going to nourish the entire world.

Bica put down her notebook and let her layered tears become one with the ocean.

Written By Darice M. Jones

In the Year Wangari Mathaai © 2022

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